About Us


National Prosperity Co., Ltd., (NPC) was established in 2006 and is currently a key player in top sectors in Myanmar, as it has grown into a successful holding company under the ‘National Prosperity’ name.  In September 2011, the Government invited tender bids to national companies for the Modi Momi Gold Mine.

On 16th September 2011, National Prosperity Company was awarded the concession rights and the total area of the project is 6,105 acres (24.71 Sq Km). NPC recently launched several ambitious projects in gold and jade mining as well as agriculture and is trusted by the Government which resulted into an extension of the license to 25 years for its gold mining project under the subsidiary company established in 2012 which is known as “National Prosperity Gold Production Group Ltd.” (NPGPGL). The Concession permit was later transferred to NPGPGL from NPC right after the company was established in March 2012. For the first 8 years, payment obligation to the Government is 5.577 MT of gold and the following 17 years is on a product sharing ratio model of 30% (to Government) and 70% remaining for NPGPGL.

“National Prosperity Gold Production Group Ltd.” (NPGPGL) is now an independent entity striving for an IPO listing in the near future.

This makes NPGPGL not only essential in providing jobs to the local population but NPGPGL also boosts Myanmar’s local economy and plays a vital role in internationalising Myanmar’s mining sector. What makes NPGPGL so unique is the fact that NPGPGL is continuously striving towards quality, security and international standards. With an international team of experts and a strong Local and International consultant team backing up NPGPGL and ISO certificates under its name the company is an up to date and modernised company with a bright future ahead.

First, by showing the potential of extraction there is to find in Myanmar’s mining sector and second in order for NPGPGL to realise mining exploration to the maximum and create that world class mine which is up to international standards.

Furthermore, NPGPGL wants to support and work together with the government to improve the image of Myanmar’s mining sector in order to develop Myanmar and create the exposure the country deserves and needs. On top of that, NPGPGL would also like to correct the misunderstanding that the media is portraying about illegal mining and the non-payback of fees that are inappropriately linked to NPGPGL in the news.

Lastly, NPGPGL wants to show itself as the local partner of choice for those companies and investors looking into Myanmar as together NPGPGL and its possible partner/s can create a long-term mutual beneficial partnership running up to 25 years and longer and assuring profits for both parties as NPGPGL assures the resources and welcomes International Technologies and Expertise.